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Manage your PlusBase products

After importing products from our Catalog or Private request to your store, it is essential that you can effectively manage your product and generate the most profit. In this article, we will show you how to quickly manage the product cost, shipping fee, and selling price of your PlusBase products right on your PlusBase store admin.

Step by Step Tutorial

During the operation process, we would keep you updated on any changes to your product so that you could plan your sales campaign more effectively. We may adjust the product costs for several reasons, including supplier cost changes, shipping fee updates, product availability, and so on. An alert will be displayed on the admin homepage to let you know if a product in your store has been updated.

By clicking on the to review tab, you will be redirected to a new page where you will find the list of all products with recently updated product costs and shipping fees.

You can also manually filter out updated products by going to Products > All products. Then, click on More filters.

In the dialog, select Has updates > Yes.

In the product list, you will be able to view the product price and cost.

An alert will be displayed under the product's name to let you know if a product in your store has been updated.

The alert will also be displayed in the product detail page as below:

If a product variant is made unavailable by PlusBase, the product combo containing this variant will be unavailable for customers to purchase as well.
The product shipping fee will be updated based on the shipping cost provided by PlusBase, not the custom shipping fee that is set up when importing the product into your store.
If you see this message, you can access the product detail page and click on Update selling price to view what has been changed in particular.

In the dialog, you can check the product changes in the alerts, the Cost changed and Shipping fee changed columns (if any), and update the selling price in accordance with the change in base cost and shipping fee in Selling price change.

Variants that are disabled will be greyed out (if any).
In Cost changed, you can see the original product cost and the updated one (if any).
In Shipping fee changed, you can view the shipping fees to all available countries. Click on the dropdown menu and select the country you want to view. The default shipping fee and the updated one (if any) will be displayed.

In Selling price change, enter the new selling price for the product variant as you wish. Click on Apply all to apply the new selling price to all product variants.

In Est. Profit, you can view the estimated profit for the product variant based on the updated selling price, product cost, and shipping fee.

Click Save to finish updating the product.

You can also keep track of the product costs in the Cost column of the Variant section.

In the product admin, you can also view the Processing rate of the product. The processing rate is based on the product's risk level. This rate can vary depending on the product and the time of the order creation. Check out this article for more details on how to calculate your order profit based on the product processing rate.

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Updated on: 14/08/2023

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