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Welcome you to ShopBase. You may find our detailed instructions here, or check out our most frequently asked questions below. In case you want to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

General Questions

How to register a trial for ShopBase?

How to sign up or log in to ShopBase

How to add a custom domain to ShopBase store?

How to add third-party scripts (Hotjar, Sumo, Sitekit, etc) to ShopBase?

How to create up-sell and cross-sell offers on ShopBase?

How to show product reviews on my store?

How to format currency on my store?

How to remove "Powered by ShopBase"?

Product and Order Processing

How to proceed with my new order?

How to import products from AliExpress and fulfill orders on ShopBase?

How to operate my Print on Demand (POD) business on ShopBase?

How to migrate a Shopify store to ShopBase? How to import by URL links?

How to fulfill on ShopBase if the supplier doesn't integrate with ShopBase? How to fulfill by CSV files?

How to create product feed for Facebook & Google Ads

How to automatically send tracking to PayPal to handle disputes faster?

How to quickly add many products to ShopBase?

Overview of product feeds

How to create custom option for a product

Theme and storefront

How to display product types and color option as swatches and real images?

How to show size chart in Product page?

How to customize my website, and change the colors?

How to add contact information at the page footer?

How to create a contact form on the storefront?

How to copy theme between stores?

How to create Quantity Discount widget on the product page?

How to hide products from search engines and listing?

Payment Gateways

Which payment providers does ShopBase support?

What is ShopBase Payments, and how to register?

ShopBase Payments FAQs

How to show the phone number field on the checkout form?

How to create test orders on ShopBase?

Can one PayPal key be used on 2 stores and more? Yes
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