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ShopBase FAQs

In this article, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about ShopBase below. In case you want to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Overview of ShopBase

How to register for a ShopBase free trial?

How to sign up or log in to ShopBase?

How to add a custom domain to ShopBase store?

How to add third-party scripts (such as Hotjar) to ShopBase?

How to create up-sell and cross-sell offers on ShopBase?.

How to show product reviews on my store?.

How to format currency on my store?.

Product and order processing

How to proceed with my new order?.

Can I import products from AliExpress and fulfill dropshipping orders on ShopBase?

Yes, you can quickly import products from AliExpress and fulfill orders with AliExpress suppliers directly on your ShopBase admin using our Ali Dropship Connector app.

You can also use PlusHub, our exclusive dropshipping agent that sources, stocks, and fulfills any trending product with fast shipping & high product quality assurance.

How to operate my Print on Demand (POD) business on ShopBase?

With PrintHub, you can launch POD campaigns to start selling immediately and manage order processing at ease.

How to migrate a Shopify store to ShopBase? How to import by URL links?.

How to fulfill on ShopBase if the supplier doesn't integrate with ShopBase? How to fulfill by CSV files?.

How to create product feeds for Facebook & Google Ads?.

How to automatically send tracking to PayPal to handle disputes faster?

How to quickly add many products to ShopBase?.

Can customers customize products according to their preferences?

With ShopBase, you can easily add custom options to a new or created product in store so that your customers can personalize the products to their preferences before placing an order.

Theme and storefront

How to display product types and color option as swatches and real images?.

How to show size chart in Product page?

On ShopBase, you can create your own size chart and enable size charts using product tags. Please refer to these articles for more information: How to create your own size chart and Enable size chart for non-Print Hub products.

How to customize my website, such as changing the colors and typography, adding contact information and contact form on the storefront, coping a theme to another store, etc.?.

How to utilize product page templates as an alternative to landing pages?.

Payment gateways

Which payment providers does ShopBase support?

On ShopBase, you can add a variety of payment gateways to your store, including our built-in payment gateways: ShopBase Payments and ShopBase Marketplace Payments to help reduce the risk of blocked accounts and pending payments. Please refer to this article for the full list of payment gateways.

What is ShopBase Payments and ShopBase Marketplace Payments, and how to register?

ShopBase Payments and ShopBase Marketplace Payments - our internal payment gateway - helps reduce the risk of blocked accounts and pending payment with numerous superior features for your e-commerce stores. You can register for these payment gateways directly on your ShopBase admin site.

How to show the phone number field on the checkout form?.

How to create test orders on ShopBase?.

Can one PayPal key be used on more than 1 store at the same time?

Yes, you can connect the same PayPal account to more than 1 store.

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Overview of ShopBase key features
Register for a ShopBase free trial
How to build a dropshipping website with ShopBase
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Updated on: 02/11/2022

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