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Understand the processing of orders

This article will give you an overview of what happens after a customer placed an order on your store.

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A. What happens when there's a new online order
B. Common processing flow for online orders

A. What happens when there's a new online order

When you receive an online order:

A new order notification will be sent to you by email.
Your Order page of your ShopBase admin will show the new order along with its payment status.
The customer receives an order confirmation email.
The order processing starts.

An abandoned checkout will be created 30 minutes after a customer has reached checkout but have not completed their order. You can follow our instruction here to set up the rule for Abandoned Checkout Emails and Abandoned Checkout SMS on your store to boost the conversion rate.

B. Common processing flow for online orders

In general, your online orders will be processed in three steps. In each step, you either have to carry out a particular action in your store, or ShopBase can automate it for you:

Order has been placed: ShopBase will automatically receive payments. Orders that have been successfully paid will have a Paid payment status. Once your payment has been marked with a Paid status, you can begin to process your order. Please refer to this article on how to view the status of an order
Order has been paid: you can fulfill the order manually or multiple orders via CSV file, or use fulfillment services such as Ali Dropship Connector, PlusHub, or Print Hub .
Order has been fulfilled and paid: You can choose to archive the order for easy management.
Order is being cancelled: You can cancel and refund the order

You can select the method for your order processing in each step based on your store's business needs.

Fulfill order manually
Fulfill orders by CSV files
Insert product image in CSV file for fulfillment
Manage orders of multiple stores at the same time
Fulfill order via PrintHub
Fulfill order via Ali Dropship Connector
Fulfill order via PlusHub

Updated on: 22/08/2022

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