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Refund an order means you're sending back money to your customers for different reasons such as no order processing, unable to process orders or defective products, damage to customers,... Depending on the store's policy, you might refund an entire order and part of the order value. Here's how you can handle a refund order.

Step by step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Orders > All Orders. A list of orders will be displayed:

Click the order you want to cancel and refund. You will be directed to the order details page.

Click Refund item

You will be directed to Refund items page.

Enter the number of the product corresponding to the product that you want to refund to the customer and Summary and Refund Amount sections will immediately update the total refund for the customer.
Enter the shipping fee amount for refund in the Refund shipping section if you want to refund the shipping fee to the customer
Choose Restock items if you want to return the item quantity to the inventory
Select Send notification to the customer if you want to send customer cancellation and refund notices
Fill the reasons in Reason for refund

Click Refunded in Summary section and Refund Amount to finish.

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