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Overview of PlusHub

PlusHub is a dropshipping agent that sources, stocks, and fulfills any trending product with fast shipping & high product quality assurance. With PlusHub you can now source high quality products directly from your ShopBase admin, effectively manage your inventory, fulfill and deliver your dropshipping orders to customers within a short period of time at super preferential prices.

In this section, we will give you can overview of PlusHub along with its key features.

In this section

Understand PlusHub dashboard
PlusHub Refund and Resend Policy
Map products to PlusHub
Request product quotation in PlusHub
Purchase products in PlusHub
Inventory management in PlusHub
Fulfill order via PlusHub
File a claim for orders in PlusHub
Keep track of my claims in PlusHub
Product Sourcing via PlusHub - FAQs
PlusHub Inventory - FAQs
PlusBase and PlusHub inventory management service FAQs

Updated on: 05/04/2023

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