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Once you have submitted your product quotation request, we will send you the quotation after 1-3 business days. If you want ShopBase Fulfillment to stock a specific number of products, please make payment to purchase these products first by following these steps in this article.

Step By Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Fulfillment Services > ShopBase Fulfillment.

Go to Find product and select Quotation created tab. Click on the Quote ID to see all information in the Quotation detail page.

Select Quotation created tab
Click on the Quote ID
You can also go to Warehouse and select Inventory tab. Here you can view your product inventory. Navigate to the product you want to purchase and click Place order.

In the Quotation detail page, you can review the base cost, shipping fee, and shipping time of the product.

Quotation detail page
Fulfill current orders tab will not appear on the quotation detail page of warehouse items that are not mapped to products in your store.
Choose Fulfill current orders > Purchase & Stock to purchase enough stock for your current unfulfilled orders of this product. The stock needed to be fulfilled for your current orders will be automatically calculated.

You can also choose Stock products in Purchase this product and edit Ordered quantity to purchase enough stock for only some of the product's variants your need. You can stock products beforehand to shorten the shipping time.

Click Purchase. A pop-up will appear for you to make payment.

Your payment will be deducted from your ShopBase Balance. Please refer to this article for more information on ShopBase Balance.

Once finished, your order can be found in Warehouse > Purchase orders > Incoming tab.

You can search for Purchase orders using product name or purchase number.

Purchase orders will have 3 different statuses:

Incoming: Recent purchase orders that have not arrived at ShopBase warehouse.
In Warehouse: Purchase orders that have successfully arrived at ShopBase warehouse.
Cancelled: Purchase orders that are cancelled.

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