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You can only claim for your orders for specific reasons in ShopBase Fulfillment refund and resend policy after they were shipped. You must carefully read this policy first before deciding to fill a claim. If your case is listed as a replacement/refund case, please follow this instruction below to finish a claim.

Step by Step Tutorials

From ShopBase admin site > Orders.

Search for the order that you want to file a claim for using the order name > Click the order.

In the order detail page, click More actions > File a claim

Fill in information required on the form and write down all details that you find necessary to help resolve this claim

Preferred solution: Resend or Refund

Choose your Preferred Solution

Quantity: The number of items in the order that you want to file a claim for

Reason for claim: Select a reason for your claim.

Claim evidence: Upload a file (including images or video) that can be used to help resolve this claim. You can also include a detailed explanation for the case in What else would you like us to know?

After receiving your claims, claim updates will be sent to the email address you registered for ShopBase.

You can only file a claim for orders that has been fulfilled via ShopBase Fulfillment or CrossPanda.

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