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Request product quotation in PlusHub

In order for PlusHub to help you find reliable suppliers with the best prices and good quality, please send us a quotation request for your product. In this article, we will guide you on how to submit a product quotation request in PlusHub.

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A. Submit a product quotation request
B. View your product quotation

A. Submit a product quotation request

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Fulfillment > PlusHub.

In Find product, you can find all quotations that you created. Click Request products to request a product quotation.

To avoid repeated product requests, check for similar items in your inventory using the search bar before sending any product requests.

In case you cannot find similar products in your inventory, you can request for more products with any link you have. Fill in the required information to request a quotation. You can add the link or the image of product in Product URLs and the product's description in Note. Click on Add more links if you want to ask for 2 products and above.

In Contact information, fill in all necessary information so that we can easily contact you regarding your product quotation request. Click Save once finished.

Recheck all information and click Submit request.

After being submitted, quotation request will be displayed in the Submitted request tab with a Processing status. A message will appear to notify you of successful request submission as in the photo below:

With any request in the Processing status, you can still access the quotation detail page, but keep in mind that product detail will not be updated yet.
In the first 6 hours after submitting the request, you can cancel it by clicking the Cancel request button in the quotation detail page. After 6 hours, you cannot cancel your request anymore.

B. View your product quotation

After 1-3 business days, quotations will be sent to your registered ShopBase email address, or the addresses submitted in Contact information of the Request source product form.

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Fulfillment > PlusHub. In the Find product page, you can easily manage your request by switching among these tabs:

All: All requests from the latest.
Submitted request: Requests that have been submitted but quotations have not been created yet.
Quotation created: Requests that have been updated with all product information.
Needs update: Quotations that you requested to be updated.
Expired: Quotations that have passed the expiration dates.
No result: Requests for products that we cannot find.

Each request will have a status which matches with the tabs they belong to

Processing: We are still looking for the best supplier for you and there is no quote for the product yet.
Available: Your product information has been informed.
Updating: Your quotation is being updated.
Expired: Old quotation that requires price update.
Canceled: Quotation requests that are canceled.

Once your product quotation is created, you can view it by going to the Quotation created tab.

You can directly import an available product to your store by clicking on Action > Import to store.

Click on the Quote ID to see all detailed information of your quotation in the quotation detail page.

When the quotation is ready, you can view all product information, including:

Price: You may see multiple prices for your product if we can find a lower cost for you to purchase products in bulk.
Product variants.
Shipping fee.
Shipping time.

If you want to import the product to your store, click Import to store.

In case you want the product information to be updated or changed, click Request update.

You can only request a quotation update if you have not purchased this product.
When you request a quotation update, please select your reason for the update and write down any requirements you have with this product. Then, click Confirm.

Once you click confirm, the quotation will be in Needs update tab and its status will change from Available to Updating. You cannot request another update or import the product to your store until its status is updated again.

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Updated on: 05/04/2023

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