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Migrate products from other platforms to ShopBase

In this article, we will guide you on how to migrate products from your current dropshipping platforms, like Shopify or WooCommerce to ShopBase.

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A. For Shopify user
B. For WooCommerce user

A. For Shopify user

Former Shopify users, who want to migrate to ShopBase but are concerned about losing data, can use the Migrate to ShopBase app, which syncs products and collections from Shopify (customers, orders, and discount codes will be synced in the future).

There are two methods for Shopify merchants to migrate to ShopBase. Please click on the links below to see the detailed instructions:

Import products by Migrate to ShopBase app
Import products to ShopBase by CSV file

When you export your products to a CSV file from Shopify, the product image links will be included in that CSV file. To ensure that your product images remain accessible when importing the CSV file to ShopBase, leave your original products from Shopify intact until you finish the import process. This allows ShopBase to assign the correct product image to each listing.

B. For WooCommerce user

By default, WooCommerce doesn't support CSV file or URL export to quickly migrate to ShopBase. Merchants from WooCommerce have to find extensions on Wordpress to set this up before using Migrate to ShopBase app by URLs. For example, the free dropshipping plugin - Export All URLs can help merchants to export all product URLs to import to ShopBase. The steps are as below:

From your WooCommerce admin, go to Appearance > Theme > Activate theme: Storefront (The link should be http://{your-domain-here}/wp-admin/themes.php?theme=storefront)
Install the plugin.
From your WooCommerce admin, go to Setting > Export all URLs.
After export URLs, you can use Migrate to ShopBase app to move data to ShopBase easier while keeping their product & variant IDs so ads performance won’t be impacted.

Import products by Migrate to ShopBase app
Import products to ShopBase by CSV file
Troubleshooting: Issues with Migrate to ShopBase app
Migrate Data From Shopify via Custom App

Updated on: 19/08/2022

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