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Product Reviews is a ShopBase app that helps sellers to display and manage product reviews in the store. This helps the store increase their reliability to the site visitors, which in turn increases the store's conversion rates and revenue. The reviews can be displayed on the product page or the All reviews page.

Product Reviews allows you to import reviews from CSV files or via AliExpress; automatically approve customers' reviews based on preset conditions; remind customers to feedback after purchase; display reviews on Google search results via Google Reviews snippet; manage and change reviews display.

This section will guide you on how to perform actions relevant to Product Reviews app to assist your business.

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Show product reviews on store
Get shared reviews on PrintBase database for your PrintBase store
Import reviews to Product Reviews by CSV file
Understand CSV file for Product Reviews app
Add Google Reviews snippet in Product Reviews
Manage reviews on Product Reviews app
Display reviews on All reviews page
Auto-publish reviews
Group product reviews
Encourage more reviews from your customers
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