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Understand CSV file for Product Reviews app

There are many ways to import reviews into Product Review, but using a CSV file is the fastest and most convenient way for a seller to import multiple reviews into their store to build credibility with customer. This article will help you understand more about the CSV file for Product Reviews app.

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A. CSV file for Product Reviews
B. Import and export CSV file into Google Sheets
C. Create a CSV file to review products

A. CSV file for Product Reviews

CSV stands for comma separated values, file format (.csv) for spreadsheets. With the Product Reviews app, you can use a CSV file to import and export product reviews.

Your CSV files must use UTF-8 encoding.

If you are updating a CSV file, be sure to confirm UTF-8 encoding to avoid generating unwanted special characters in your file. If you save the file without confirming the UTF-8 encoding, your data will be modified when you upload it as a new spreadsheet. Modified files cannot be recovered.

We recommend you use Google Sheets to work with your CSV files. After you make changes to the CSV file using Google Sheets, export the CSV file to your computer. Incorrect special characters in the CSV file will be exported and edited by another software and then imported back into ShopBase.

B. Import and export CSV file into Google Sheets

You can learn more about importing and exporting CSV files via this article.

C. Create a CSV file to review products

First, refer to the sample CSV file used to import product reviews into Product Reviews to learn more about the information and required fields to fill in the file. Then add all your reviews like the sample file above and save the CSV file in UTF-8 format using the LF styled feeds.

Explain about columns in CSV file:

product_id (optional): Product code on the store's admin page. You can check the product ID of a product by going to Products > All products and choose the targeted product. The product ID will be the chain of numbers at the end of the product URL.
product_handle (optional): The sequence after the last / mark of the product URL. You can see the product URL in the Search engine listing preview section of the product detail page. (For example: if your product URL is, the handle will be single-sided-printed-pillowcase).
name_of_customer (required): Customer's name in product reviews (For instance: John Doe).
email (required): Customer's email. It could be anonymous (For example:
rating (required): Star number (from 1 to 5) that customers rate on the products (e.g: 5).
title (optional): Title of customer reviews. You can enter a maximum of 70 characters (Example: My new T-shirt).
review (required): Customer review content. You can enter a maximum of 1000 characters (Example: I just bought this T-shirt and absolutely love the look!).
date_of_review (optional): The date the customer writes the product review in the format: MM/DD/YYYY. If you leave this field blank, the date will be automatically updated as the date the CSV file was uploaded to the system (Example: 01/20/2021)
fields such as link_of_img_1, link_of_img_2, link_of_img_3, link_of_img_4, link_of_img_5: Review image links. A review can have up to 5 images. Please make sure that all product images are available on an existing website. Those image URLs will only be used during the CSV importing process and you can delete them when your import is done.

You just need to enter product_id or product_handle. If both are filled in, we will give preference to product_id. If you leave these two fields blank or = 0, the review you uploaded will be automatically recognized by the system as a general store review.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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