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A. Definition of Review CSV files
B. Import and export CSV files into Google Sheets
C. Create a Review CSV file

A. Definition of Review CSV files

CSV is short for comma-separated-values, a file format (.csv) for spreadsheets. With our Product Reviews app, you can use CSV files to import and export Reviews.

Note that your CSV files must use UTF-8 encoding.

If you are updating a CSV file export, remember to confirm the UTF-8 encoding to avoid generating unwanted special characters in your file. If you save your file without confirming its UTF-8 encoding, your data will be corrupted when you upload it as a new spreadsheet. Corrupted files cannot be recovered.

We recommend that you use Google Sheets to work with your CSV files. To use Google Sheets, you must import the CSV file into the program. After you've made your changes, export the CSV file to your computer. Special characters don't always work correctly in CSV files that are exported, edited with another spreadsheet program, and then re-imported into ShopBase.

B. Import and export CSV files into Google Sheets

You can learn more about importing and exporting CSV files by taking a look at this article.

C. Create a Review CSV file

First, you can download and view a sample product CSV file to use as a template and learn more about Review CSV file format.

After you've added all your reviews, save your CSV file in UTF-8 format using LF-style linefeeds.

Here's a breakdown of the downloaded template - you can see the names of the columns, explanations and examples of data per column and whether this data is required or optional in order to import the review:

Note: You only need to fill product_id or product_handle. If both are filled, we will prioritize the product_id. If none is filled, we will automatically regard this review as store review.

The review date must be between the year 2000 and the present date (it cannot be a date in the future). Reviews dated over 10 years ago or a future date will not be imported.

Review images:

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