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There are many ways to migrate reviews to your own store by Product Reviews. However, importing reviews by CSV file is the most convenient way for sellers to import a huge volume of customer's reviews into their own store.

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A. What is the review CSV file format?

B. How to import reviews with a CSV file?

A. What is the review CSV file format?

Check out our guide to understand the CSV file and how to create one.

Please note that the first line of your product CSV needs to include the field headers described in the table, in the same order, each separated by a comma. Subsequent lines in the file should contain data for your product using the same fields in that exact same order.

B. How to import reviews with a CSV file?

Browsers like Chrome only allow uploading files within 30 seconds. Heavy CSV files may lead to failed uploading with the following notice. To fix this, you should break the file into smaller size files, or connect to a faster network. The file shouldn't be over 10 MB.

Head to your Product Reviews Admin and click Get reviews > Import reviews (in the CSV file section).
When the popup shows up, drop or upload your files to start importing.
After your CSV file is uploaded, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that you used to set up your ShopBase store.

Choose import reviews by CSV files

Drop your files or click to upload

You can find the CSV file template here to help check the uploading file or create your own. In addition, you can refer to the Explanation for Template File for fully understand the Template file.

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