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The products in your store can share the same reviews. This is a great way to leverage previous reviews to build trust in your products. You can customize the groups and activate/deactivate it any time. When a group is activated, all the products in the group will have the same reviews.

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A. Grouping products
B. How to group products

A. Grouping products

Product Grouping allows you to create groups of related products and share reviews between all the products in the same group.

For example, say you sell a certain style of shoes in a range of color variants. Your customers may only leave a small number of reviews for each color. By grouping products, you can show reviews for all the colors for that style.

Another great use is to leverage all your reviews when you launch a new product, for example, a new color for a pair of shoes. Add the product to the appropriate group and your visitors will see reviews for similar products.

B. How to group products

Go to Product Reviews Admin > click the menu Product Groups > hit Add new product group.

Choose to group products in the same collections/tags/vendors.

Choose the collections/ tags/ vendors you want products to share reviews then hit Save.

To group your reviews, click Add new product group

Choose the collections/ tags/ vendors you want products to share reviews then hit Save

Now your product in the same groups will share reviews with each others.

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