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With our unique PrintBase, new merchants could build up quickly the reliability of the store by using our new feature to sync shared reviews of other merchants on PrintBase database. When Share Review feature is turned on, merchants are allowing PrintBase support team to access store's reviews and receive feedback from customers and find out the best way to improve fulfillment service and please buyers.

To start using this feature, please go to your PrintBase store and open Product Reviews app. Merchants open its settings and scroll down to PrintBase review sharing.

On this page:

A. Share reviews
B. Get shared reviews

A. Share reviews

If this option is turned on, it means that your reviews would be synced on to PrintBase database to let other newbies import and display reviews onto their store. This would help the newcomers get quick reviews and kickstart their stores.

Sharing reviews won't share product images or store names to other merchants to protect the privacy of the sharers.

B. Get shared reviews

When merchants turn on this option, a number of reviews from PrintBase database would be migrated onto their stores. Merchants can also set up rules to import reviews based on the number of stars and the number of shared reviews they want.

Shared reviews on PrintBase database would be identified as store reviews, not product review of any individual product. These reviews won't display on All reviews admin page of the app.

Turn on this option to get share reviews

Store reviews would be placed next to Product reviews in Product page

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