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Manage reviews on Product Reviews app

Product Reviews is a useful ShopBase app that helps users manage customer reviews on their storefronts. Product Reviews not only helps users enhance their store credibility, but also encourages customers to buy more products.

This article will guide you on how to manage reviews on Product Reviews app.

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A. Manage all reviews on All Reviews
B. Manage each review on Edit Review

A. Manage all reviews on All Reviews

From ShopBase admin, go to Apps > Product Reviews.

Click All reviews on the left column. You will see a list of all reviews on display on the right column.

All Reviews page is arranged in 5 columns:

All: List of all reviews for your store (including Published and Unpublished).
Published: Displayed reviews on the store.
Unpublished: Hidden reviews.
Featured: Reviews displayed in Featured section.
Store Reviews: Review displayed on Store Reviews bar on product page.

B. Manage each review on Edit Review

From ShopBase admin, go to Apps > Product Reviews.

Click All reviews on the left column. Choose any reviews you want to edit.

You will be directed to Edit Review to edit information and manage each review

Publish/Unpublish: Manage their availability on store.
Set as Featured: Set to be displayed in Featured section.
Add Verified badge: Add a verified badge to the review to enhance trust for online stores.
Review type: Click to choose whether the review is displayed in the Store review, Product review or Unassigned.
Target product: Change products that reviews appear here.
Name: Edit the customer's name here.
Email: Change the customer's email here.
Rating: Change the products' ratings here.
Title: Change the review's title here.
Body: Change the content of the review.
Date: Change the review's date.
Photos: Change the review image.
Reply to: Write a response from the store to the customer. Click Notify customer if you want to send a notification of your response to the customer.

If the target product of a product review is deleted from your store, the review will be automatically unpublished and its type will change to Unassigned.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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