Google Review snippet is a short excerpt of a review from a website, usually an average of the combined rating scores from many reviewers. You can add it in Product Reviews app for promoting SEO performance and CTR of your search results.

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A. What is Google Reviews snippet?
B. How to add Google Reviews snippet in Product Reviews?

A. What is Google Reviews snippet?

Google Reviews snippet is a new feature in Product Reviews app, which lets product ratings be displayed under Google search results when you search for the product names of your store on Google.

B. How to add Google Reviews snippet in Product Reviews?

Go to Product Reviews admin, click Setting, then hit Enable Google Reviews snippet

Turn on this option

If you have turned on the button but couln't see the ratings under your search results, there's high chance that Google hasn't been able to crawl your search results. In that case, you should follow these following steps for Google to crawl the search results and display expected ratings.

Go to Google Search Console to Add Sitemap

Enter your store domain ( in the left box.

If your domain is verified, you will receive a notification Ownership auto verified

If not, please refer to this link to Add TXT Record in Domains page and finish Verify Domain Ownership process

Click Go to property, and choose Sitemap

In the field Add a new sitemap, fill in ( is your domain)

After Add a new sitemap, the result will be shown Success

To check search result again, go to this link and fill your URL in. If ratings show up under the search result, you have finished adding Google Reviews snippet to your store.

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