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ShopBase merchants who bought their public domains on ShopBase now can verify their domain ownership and add MX records right on ShopBase dashboard. Merchants will no longer have to access to third party website to verify their domain, which might cost a large amount of time and high effort. This guideline is built to help merchants set up GSuite email way more easily for their domain.

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A. Buy a domain on ShopBase dashboard

B. Verify domain bought on ShopBase in GSuite

A. Buy a domain on ShopBase dashboard

If you don't have a public domain for your store, you can definitely buy one right on ShopBase. Follow this instruction to get your own a domain.

B. Verify domain bought on ShopBase in GSuite

To verify the domain you've just bought, you must complete these two steps: verify domain ownership and add MX Record.

1. Domain ownership verification

Access to Google Search Console to enter your domain in the box Domain then click Continue.

Box Verify domain will appear with an unique TXT record for that domain. Please copy that code to paste into ShopBase Domain settings.

Log in to your store, open Domains in Online Store to find the public domain that needs to be verified (which was bought on ShopBase) on ShopBase-managed domains.

Click on that public domain > press Add TXT record on Domain ownership verification to paste the code from Google Search Console on step 2 then press Add.

Go back to Google Search Console and click Verify. It might take a few minutes to verify. If this status is displayed, your public domain is successfully verified.


One domain (bought on ShopBase) can add more than one TXT record.

2. MX Records

To add MX Records to help send and receive GSuite email via the public domain bought on ShopBase, click add MX Record.

Our system will automatically add MX Record. If your admin dashboard displays like this, it means that you have successfully added MX Record. Other MX Records added from third party website would be displayed in this list as well.

When you click Delete MX Records, only MX Records which were added from ShopBase system could only be deleted, and other records from third party system would still remain.

When adding TXT Record and MX Record, there's no need to press Save change after you have finished, ShopBase system would automatically save and update for your store.
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