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Product Review App is an useful app which assists sellers in adding and managing the customer's review on their own store. It not only helps sellers build their brand trust but also encourages customers to buy more products.

On this page:
A. Product Reviews app's interface
B. Explanation of the interface

A. Product Reviews app's interface

This is the interface of Product Reviews app made by ShopBase. You can edit a review by clicking on it then starting to edit.

B. Explanation of the interface

1. All Reviews page

Reviews are divided into 5 tabs:
All: list of all reviews you have (published or unpublished)
Published: list of reviews that are showing on your store
Unpublished: list of reviews that aren't showing on your store
Featured: reviews that should have a higher display priority
Store Reviews: displayed on Store Reviews tab on product page

2. Edit Review page

Clicking on the review you want to edit, here are some explanation about its interface to help:
Published/Unpublished: control whether this review is visible on your store
Set as Featured: set its display priority
Review type: set the type for this review as Store review or Product review by choosing the dropdown.

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