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Enable size chart for non-Print Hub products

ShopBase allows you to enable size charts for non-Print Hub products if your product tag matches our keywords. In this article, we will show you how to do so in a few easy steps.

In this article

A. Enable size chart for non-Print Hub products
B. List of tags for product size chart

A. Enable size chart for non-Print Hub products

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > Print Hub. In the Catalog page, you can enable the Print Hub size chart widget by clicking Enable auto fulfill with PrintHub in the message dialogs displayed at the top of the pages.

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Products, select the product for which you want size charts to be displayed. On the right side, look for the Tags section.

Add the tags listed below to your products. Each tag will enable a corresponding size chart.

Please refer to this article on how to add tags to a product.

B. List of tags for product size chart

You can click on each product to see the demo size chart on the product page.


Unisex T-Shirt: sc-t-shirt
3/4 Sleeve Raglan Tee: sc-3/4-raglan-tee
Baby One Piece: sc-Baby-Onesies
Long Sleeve Baby One Piece: sc-long-sleeve-baby-one-piece
Hollow Out Tank Top New: sc-all-over-Hollow Out Tank Top
V-neck T-Shirt: sc-v-neck
Ladies T-Shirt: sc-ladies-t-shirt
Premium Ladies T-shirt: sc-premium-ladies-t
Unisex Tank: sc-tanktop
Long Sleeve Tee: sc-long-sleeve
Crewneck Sweatshirt: sc-sweatshirt
Unisex Hoodie: sc-hoodie

All Over Print

Short Socks: sc-all-over-short-socks
Long Socks: sc-all-over-long-socks
AOP Sweatshirt: sc-Sweatshirt3D
Kid Sweatshirt: sc-Kid-Sweatshirt
AOP Sweater: sc-Sweater3D
Kid Hoodie: sc-kid-hoodie
AOP Kid T-Shirt: sc-Kid-Tshirt
Women's Briefs: sc-Women-Briefs
Men's Boxer Briefs: sc-Men-Boxer-Briefs
Short Sleeve Pyjama: sc-Short-Sleeve-Pyjama
Long Sleeve Pyjama: sc-Long-Sleeve-Pyjama
Triangle Bikini Set: sc-triangle-bikini-set
Bandeau Bikini Set: sc-bandeau-bikini-set
Half Sleeve Swimsuit: sc-half-sleeve-swimsuit
Sports Bra: sc-sports-bra
Short Jumpsuit: sc-short-jumpsuit
AOP Hawaii Shirt: sc-all-over-Hawaii T- shirt
AOP Beach Shorts: sc-beach-shorts
AOP Long Pants: sc-all-over-longpants
Leggings: sc-all-over-Leggings
Baseball Jersey: sc-all-over-Baseball Jersey
Tank Top: sc-all-over-Tank Top
Maxi Dress: sc-all-over-Maxi
Polo Shirt Black: sc-all-over-polo-t-shirt
Polo Shirt White: sc-all-over-polo-t-shirts-white
AOP T-Shirt: sc-all-over-tee
New Multi Piece T-Shirt: sc-all-over-tee
AOP Hoodie: sc-all-over-hoodie
New Multi Piece Hoodie: sc-all-over-hoodie
AOP Zip Hoodie: sc-all-over-zip-hoodie
New Multi Piece Zip Hoodie: sc-all-over-zip-hoodie

Home & Living

Star Ornament: sc-Star-Ornament
Round Ornament: sc-Round-Ornament
Heart Ornament: sc-Heart-Ornament
Bath Mat: sc-Bath-Mat
Fleece Blanket: sc-fleece-blanket
Moon Lamp: sc-Moon-Lamp
Quilt Bedding Set: sc-Quilt-Bedding-Set
Door Mat New: sc-Door-Mat
3D Led Lamp: sc-3D-Led-Lemp
Round Beach Towel: sc-Round-Beach-Towel
DIY Square Canvas: sc-DIY-Square-Canvas
DIY Portrait Canvas: sc-DIY-Portrait-Canvas
DIY Landscape Canvas: sc-DIY-Landscape-Canvas
Pillow Case Cover: sc-pillow-case
Landscape Canvas: sc-landscape-canvas
Area Rug: sc-rug
Hooded Blanket: sc-hooded-blanket
Landscape Poster: sc-Poster-Landscape
Portrait Poster: sc-Poster-Portrait
Porch Banner: sc-all-over-halloween
Portrait House Flag: sc-Portrait-House-Flag
Landscape House Flag: sc-Landscape-House-Flag
Portrait Canvas: sc-portrait-canvas
Heart Puzzle: sc-all-over-puzzle-heart
Quilt: sc-quilts
Sherpa Blanket: sc-blanket
Square Canvas: sc-square-canvas
Bedding Set: sc-bedding
Landscape Puzzle: sc-all-over-puzzle
Portrait Puzzle: sc-all-over-puzzle
Premium Quilt: sc-quilts
Round Carpet: sc-round-carpet
Shower Curtain: sc-curtain


Sleep Mask: sc-Sleep-Mask
Heart Necklace With Box: sc-heart-necklace
Mouse Pad: sc-mouse-pad
Wooden Keyring Gift: sc-Wooden-Keyring
Circle Bracelet: sc-Circle-Bracelet
Pet ID Tag: sc-Pet-ID-Tag
Baseball Cap: sc-Baseball-Cap
Backpack: sc-backpack
Face Mask:
Fabric Mask (with filters): sc-fabric-mask
Cotton Face Mask:
Neck Gaiter New: sc-neck-gaiter
Tote Bag: sc-tote-bag


Low Top Sneakers Black: sc-new-low-top-shoes
Slip On Shoes: sc-Slip-On-Shoes
YZY Shoes: sc-YZY-Shoes
Flip Flops: sc-Flip-Flops
Leather Boots New: sc-leather-boots
Low Top Shoes: sc-new-low-top-shoes


Shining Tumbler 20oz: sc-tumbler-20oz
Tracker Bottle: sc-Tracker-Bottle
Color Changing Mug 11oz: sc-color-changing-mug-11oz
Color Changing Mug 15oz: sc-color-changing-mug-15oz
New Tumbler 30oz: sc-New Tumbler 30oz
Two-sided Mug New: sc-mug
Beverage Mug: sc-mug
Tumbler 20oz: sc-tumbler-20oz
Skinny Tumbler: sc-tumbler-17oz

Due to caching, it might take up to 15 minutes for the new size chart widget to be applied to your store front after you enable our settings.
If you have your own custom size chart, please refer to our guideline here.

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Updated on: 24/08/2022

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