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How to create your own size chart

Size Chart is a unique feature to help merchants and customers check size guide easily from a product page on a ShopBase store. This article will show you how to create your own size chart on your ShopBase's stores.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Online store > Size chart.

To display your size charts on storefront, click Enable Size Chart Widget.

Click Create size chart to create a new size chart tag on your ShopBase's store. ShopBase will automatically generate a new tag for your size chart. Please refer to this article for more details about tags.

In Style, enter the name of your size chart.

You can design your size chart directly in this page in the Description section, or click Add image from URL or Add image to upload a ready made image of your size chart from your device.

You can preview how your size chart look in the Size Guide section.

Once finished, click Save.

After completing the size chart information, click Assign size chart to assign the size chart tag to your desired products using our bulk update feature.

If your product has more than one size chart tag, the size chart of the tag that was assigned first will be displayed the storefront. Therefore, if you want to change to a new size chart, you should remove the previously added size chart tag.
It can take up to 20 minutes for a new size chart to be active on storefront.
Campaigns created from the PrintHub app will have available size chart similar to PrintBase.

Your size chart will be displayed on the storefront as below:

The size chart button will be displayed beside 'Size' option or above 'Add to cart' button
This is how your size chart will be displayed when clicking on the size chart button
Size charts are fixed and available on all campaigns created on PrintBase stores.
If the variant name contains the word 'Size', the size chart will be displayed next to the 'Size' option. If no variant name includes the term 'Size', the size chart will appear above 'Add to cart' button.

Add or remove product tags
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Updated on: 25/04/2023

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