ShopBase has been integrating with POD platforms and external apps so you can open a POD business easily and also manage your fulfillment within the store.

At the moment, our platform allows pushing the designed product from Burgerprints to store, design and manage the products with Print Hub. You can also import your POD products by CSV file into the store.

On this article

A. Design and sell with Print Hub

B. Import POD product from Burgerprints

C. Import products into the store by CSV file

Before customize your store as a POD business, set up an ShopBase store by following this instruction.

A. Design and sell with Print Hub

[Print Hub] is a free app that helps the Print On Demand (POD) sellers quickly customize and create products, import them to storefronts and fulfill orders automatically. Learn more >>

Check out all the details of product info, pricing, and shipping here

Install Print Hub from ShopBase Appstore and follow this instruction to add POD using Print Hub.

B. Import POD product from Burgerprints

If you are already selling on Burgerprints platform, you can easily import the products into ShopBase to sell here at the same time.

Kindly follow this instruction: Use Burgerprints app for ShopBase store

C. Import products into the store.

Another option to selling POD products: use CSV file to import your products from another POD platform to ShopBase.

Check out this instruction to understand CSV importing process.

Moreover, ShopBase can support new color list from these platforms: Teechip, Teespring, Bugerprints, Print Hub. If your import list is from these platforms, all product colors will be synchronized.
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