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To personalize your own print-on-demand products (by adding custom text, uploading photos, choosing photo options), PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) provide a feature named Personalized Campaign. This is a great way to easily create more personalized products and increase conversion rate of your store. This article will show you how to create a simple personalized campaign with PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) using our demo resource package.

Please visit this link to see our demo for a simple personalized campaign.

Demo - Simple personalized campaign

In this article

A. Types of personalized campaigns that are supported
B. Unique features, design effects of personalized campaigns
C. Prepare all necessary files
D. Set up cliparts
E. Create a simple personalized campaign

A. Types of personalized campaigns that are supported

Customize texts

Customers are able to change text in the product's design.

Customers can add text in the Text field and Text area custom option types. It's suitable for campaigns that allow customers to add name of family's members, names of pets, or your own names for hobbies, niche, etc.
You can also create custom texts for customers to choose. It’s suitable for slogans, written messages, etc. You must choose either Droplist or Radio and write their values.

Demo campaign of customizing text

These following characters are allowed:

Characters: A - Z, a - z, space, dash (-), underscore (_)
Numbers: 0 - 9, negative numbers
Special characters: punctuations (, . : ! ?), others (~ @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = [ ] { } \ / | " ')

Please make sure your font supports these characters before launching your campaign
Characters that are not listed above will be considered as invalid characters and customers cannot checkout when using these invalid characters

Customize images

Customers are able to upload their own images from their computers or mobile phones to replace some contents of the product design. You can consider this feature for campaigns having photos of family, anniversaries, wedding day, etc.

Demo campaign of uploading images and customizing text


Customers can also choose options from a well prepared image and text list provided by the seller, instead of manually adding by themselves. This feature suits sophisticated campaigns in which customers can select the characters, hair colors, genders, etc. from the options you design.

Demo campaign of selecting images, text

Hide or show a layer

You can use Checkbox if you want to hide or show a certain layer or group of layers in your design.

B. Unique features, design effects of personalized campaigns

Supports all complex Photoshop effects

By using modern technology to process PSD files, personalized features of PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) support all special effects such as patterns or masks of Photoshop. So, you can create special designs by creating curved text, making the display color more diverse, creating the text shadow which helps leverage sales & conversion rate of your business as well as satisfying your customers with product quality.

Personalized features support complex Photoshop effects for customizing name

Customers can preview the results of personalized product

After adding personalized text, selecting and uploading images, customers can preview the result with preview design feature.

If the PSD file of the campaign uses complex effects that web technology does not support such as curved texts, mask patterns, etc., the live preview feature will not be enabled for that campaign. Therefore, when working with your designer team on the artworks, if you want to have the preview feature enabled, there won't be features such as Layer text with effects, Rotated image, and Layer Text with type options.

Photoshop effects that PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) Live Preview doesn't support yet

If you need help in creating a personalized campaign, please don't hesitate to contact the PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) support teams.

C. Prepare all necessary files

Before creating a campaign, you should prepared all necessary artwork files that will be printed on the product. PrintBase and ShopBase (PrintHub) allow sellers to create product designs by uploading multiple image files (image layers), and adding multiple layers of texts (text layers).

Supported image file formats: .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, and .PSD.
Supported color mode: RGB.

Please visit this link to download our resource package for a simple personalized campaign. In this resource package, you could find the sample assets as following:

A .PSD file for the template artwork used in this article.
Font files for text personalization.
.PNG files to picture choice personalization.

In the .PSD files, you will see the following layers, which are used for customers to customize options on storefront.

Will & Mary - Text layer of names that can be used for name personalization.
Happy Marriage - Text layer of a quote that can be used for text personalization.
Frame - Image layer of photo frame that can be used for picture choice personalization.
Your photo - Image layer of a photo that can be used for image personalization.
Underline - Image layer that shows an underline design on your product.

These files can be named upon your preference, however, simple names will be easily remembered and customized.

Please follow these steps below to create a simple personalized campaign using our resource package.

D. Set up cliparts

From your PrintBase admin site, go to Library > Cliparts.

If you're using ShopBase (PrintHub), from ShopBase admin site, go to Apps > Print Hub > Library > Cliparts.

Click Create folder.

In the New clipart folder page, enter name of your cliparts.

If you want to classify your cliparts into different groups, type a new group name or choose an existing one.

Drop your artworks into Cliparts section or browse from your computer.

If you are using our resource package, you should create 2 clipart folders (for example: Leaf frames name and Floral frames name) and sort them into the same group (for example: Frames group) as in the photos below.

Please prepare the accurate names for these files because they will be automatically displayed in your storefront.
Settings for Leaf frames clipart folder
Settings for Floral frames clipart folder

E. Create a simple personalized campaign

Make sure that your design follows the dimension and template of your desired products.

After you have selected your base products, upload your designs (the .PSD file in the resource package), and make changes to them as instructed in section B and C of this article.

Click Custom option button at the bottom left corner to add your custom options.

Choose Add custom options section.

In Add Option menu, enter all required information to create your custom option.

Refer to this article about custom options to see which types of personalized campaigns that are supported and know more about different types of custom options.

Click the < button next to Add Option, you will see the custom option you just created listed in the column Custom Options. Hover over the option, you will see the display of two choices: + Add option above and + Add option below, click either to add a new custom option for products.

Click the button next to Add Option to return to the list of personalized features
Click Add option above or Add option below to add new personalized features
Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create all of your custom options for the campaign. In this demo campaign, please enter the information below to create 5 different custom options for a simple personalized campaign using our resource package. With these custom options, customers can write their own names, upload their personal photos, choose quotes and decorative patterns to print on the product upon their wish.

Custom option 1:

Type: Choose Text field.
Required?: Click Yes.
Target Layers: Choose Will _ Mary layer in .PSD file of our resource package.
Label: Enter Your & your partner's name.
Font: Click Add new fonts and upload Great vibes font from our resource package.
Placeholder: Enter Will & Mary.
Max length: Enter 16.
Allow the following characters: Tick Characters, Numbers, and Special Characters.

Custom option 2:

Type: Choose Droplist.
Required?: Tick Yes.
Target Layers: Choose Happy Marriage layer in .PSD file of our resource package.
Label: Enter Choose quotes.
Value: Enter 2 values Happy Marriage and Happy Anniversary, tick Default for Happy Marriage.

Custom option 3:

Type: Choose Picture choice.
Required?: Tick Yes.
Target Layers: Choose Frame layer in .PSD file of our resource package.
Label: Enter Choose the frame.
Cliparts: Click Show a droplist of clipart Group to let buyer choose first and select the Frames clipart folder group that you created as guided above.
How to show cliparts: Tick Show with Thumbnail images.

Custom option 4:

Type: Choose Image.
Required?: Tick Yes.
Target Layers: Choose Your photo layer in .PSD file of our resource package.
Label: Enter Upload your photo.
Help text: Enter Its ratio should be 1:1 to fit the frame.

Custom option 5:

Type: Choose Checkbox.
Target Layers: Choose Underline layer in .PSD file of our resource package.
Label: Enter Show the underline?.
Value: Tick Default for When it is checked, the target layer will be shown on the design.

After setting up all custom options for your personalized campaign, click Continue to set up other information about your campaign (e.g.: sale price, campaign description, title, tag, etc.), and launch your campaign. Read section E and F of this article for a step by step guide.

You can enable Personalization Preview mode for your campaign so that customers can see the product design before making a purchase. Please refer to this article on how you can enable this feature.

To ensure seamless operation of PrintBase and ShopBase stores, a quota will be set for campaigns created, duplicated and bulk duplicated daily on a store. Please refer to this article for more information.

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