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Overview of how to recover and manage Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned Checkouts are orders that a website visitor has added the item(s) to the cart, entered their information into the checkout step, but he/she hasn't completed the purchase.

Knowing how to handle abandoned checkout is an important way to boost store sales.

You can review all information about these orders on the management page. Hence, it is possible to come up with actions to remind customers to complete these orders, including manually sending the link to customer emails and automatically sending emails and text messages (sms). This also helps to better manage the efficiency of those activities.

In this section:

Review abandoned checkout
Send customers a link to their abandoned checkout
Set up Abandoned Checkout emails
Set up Abandoned Checkout SMS
Email and SMS templates for Abandoned Checkout Recovery
Manage abandoned checkout recovery efficiently
Changes updated when turning on abandoned checkout SMS

Updated on: 15/08/2022

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