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Abandoned checkout is an order in which the customer has added information at the checkout step but has not completed the payment. ShopBase provides a tool to send an email / SMS (message) to the store to remind customers to complete the payment. Reporting on the processing results of unpaid orders helps you better understand how effective emails and messages are in driving customers to complete transactions. This in turn improves the settings to increase the efficiency of using the tools ShopBase offers.

Step by step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Analytics section.

On this page, you may check Abandoned checkouts recovery

In which:

% rate: the percentage of total Abandoned checkout orders is paid after the seller sends an email / SMS to remind the customers of completion of the payment on the total Abandoned checkout order.

Order: the total number of Abandoned checkout orders for which customers have completed payment after the seller sent an email / SMS to remind him of the completion of payment for the order.

Revenue: the total sales from Abandoned checkout orders that a customer completes after the seller sends an email / SMS reminder of the completion of the payment for the order.

Email/SMS conversion funnel: the chart shows the number of orders related to Abandoned checkout orders from Sent (number of orders received email / SMS reminder of payment completion) - Clicked (number of orders that customer Click the link contained in the email / SMS reminding the payment completion) - Order complete (the number of orders the customer completes the payment after clicking the link in the email / SMS prompting the payment completion). You can see the effectiveness of each email or SMS channel or both by clicking on the All drop-down menu in this section.


In some cases, the total number of orders in Order category is greater than that in Order Complete. The reason is because after receiving an email / SMS prompting the payment completion, customers can re-visit the website and complete their order in many different ways. For example, visitors who directly or by clicking a link in an email / SMS and completing the payment are counted toward the Order item. Other indirect methods (re-entering the homepage and then going to the checkout page) will not be counted.

Reports only show data from December 24, 2019 onwards.

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