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Set up Abandoned Checkout emails

To save time, ShopBase offers a feature that allows sellers to automatically send emails, reminding customers to pay for an order they have not completed. In this article, we will show you how you to automatically send up to 3 emails for each abandoned checkout. Each email contains a link to the customer's cart, allowing them to complete their order payments.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin, go to Marketing & Sales > Marketing emails and select Abandoned Checkouts Recovery.

In Abandoned checkouts email, select Automatically send abandoned checkout emails.

In the Send to section, choose one of two options: Anyone who abandons checkout or Email subscribers who abandons checkout.

In the Set up emails to send section, tick the box before email(s) that you want to send. Set up the time period to send the email after the customer has abandoned their checkout in Send .... after cart abandonment.

Sending time of subsequent emails must be longer than sending time of previous ones. For example, if First Email is set to send after 30 minutes, Second Email can't be sent sooner than 30 minutes.

Click Save changes.

In case you want to edit the content of your email, click on Customize Abandoned checkout.

You can edit each abandoned checkout email as needed
In the following conditions, the product's live preview image with the customer's personalized elements will be used as the product thumbnail in the email by default:

The store is newly created or the abandoned checkout email template has never been edited before.
The product in the abandoned checkout order is in a personalized campaign created since October 07, 2021 on PrintBase or PrintHub app.
The personalization preview mode is enabled.
The abandoned checkout first email is schedule to send within 30 calendar days after cart abandonment.

Live preview image displayed in the Abandoned Checkout email
If any of the conditions are not met, the first image of the product will be used as the product thumbnail in the email as usual.

You can also manually edit your email template to display live preview image or first product image as the product thumbnail to your preference.

To display the live preview image in the email, insert the {{ .img_preview_url_200_200 }} parameter in this section of the email as in the photo below.

To display the first product image in the email, insert the {{ .img_url_200_200 }} parameter in this section of the email as in the photo below.

You can include a discount code in the email to encourage customers to complete their orders. In Discount code, click Select discount code to choose the available codes in your store or add a new one.

If you want to add a new discount code, click Select discount code and select Create discount code in the drop-down menu. Enter your code information and click Add discount code.

After editing the email content, you can click on Preview to preview the email you just edited, or Send test email to send the email you just edited to your email to test how it works.

Click Save changes to complete.

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Updated on: 15/08/2022

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