With ShopBase, you can easily and flexibly manage your budgets and store's revenue.
In this article, we will walk you through step-by-step to discover how you can update monthly billing details and set up your payment providers.

On this page:
A. Update billing information
B. Set up payment providers

A. Update billing information

You can edit your billing information in 2 different ways:
Update in Balance.
Update by selecting plan in Billing feature in Settings by following this guideline here.

Fill in your bank information here, press Start Plan then you good to go!

B. Set up payment providers

One of the biggest problems for online merchants is that receiving a large amount of payment (from a successful ads campaigns for example) can be marked as a sign of fraud to some payment gateways. That's why ShopBase came up with ShopBase Payment Rotation as an proven solution to reduce this risk of blocked accounts and pending payment, and even when one account is disabled, the customers can still check out with other payment methods without any hassle.

In ShopBase, we offer both built-in payment gateway as ShopBase Payments (exclusively for merchants from North America at the moment) and third-party payment gateways. Besides, ShopBase now allows automatically switch payment accounts according to criteria set by users which will create the flexibility in payment options for your customer to choose.

Follow this guideline for the complete understand in ShopBase's Payment Providers.

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