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Overview of Preferences

In this section, ShopBase will guide you on how to set up and edit Preferences in the ShopBase admin page including editing your online store's title and description, adding page performance tracking codes like Google Analytics, codes to track the effectiveness of advertising via Facebook, Google, Klaviyo on our site or enable/disable password protection for stores. It would be greatly helpful in providing insights for you to optimize purchase flow, raise your store's conversion rate and give your visitors a pleasant shopping experience.

In this article

Set up fundamental features for your store

Add Favicon to your store
Add title and description to your store
Remove password protection on your store
Set up preview for customization
Edit robots.txt file

Set up tracking codes to your store

Integrate Klaviyo with your store
Set up Facebook Pixel IDs and Conversions API in ShopBase
Set up Google Analytics
Set up Google conversion tracking code to your store
Set up Hotjar tracking code to your ShopBase
Add other tracking tools codes to ShopBase store

Add other codes to your store

Allow or block some countries from access to your store
Block traffic from spyware to your site
Add customized notifications to product page
Add Power Up Scripts to optimize your store
Add Facebook Live Chat to your ShopBase
Customize payment card icons in checkout page
Integrate TrustPilot with your store
Integrate Google Customer Reviews survey opt-in module

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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