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When using Google ads, you may want to see detailed analysis of your ads in response to the question of whether customers visiting the page from the ad took any certain action or purchase. ShopBase has specific features that will allow you to track your customers' buying behavior by adding the Conversion ID and Conversion Label. The setup instructions below will work best with Purchases tracking.

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A. Create conversion ID and conversion label from Google Ads
B. Create conversion ID on ShopBase store

A. Create conversion ID and conversion label from Google Ads


You need a Google AdWords account to use this tracking feature, click here to create one if you don't have.

Step by Step Tutorial

From Google Ads admin site, click Tools on taskbar. Click Measurement >> Conversions.

Click + Conversion to add a new conversion

Choose the Web conversion

Finish all the settings as below:
Category (choose the conversion, e.g: Purchase),
Conversion name,
Value (Use different values for each conversion),
Count (the option allows to record conversions that repeat the action twice),
Click-through conversion window (choose the maximum amount of time that allows Google to record a conversion after a guest clicks on the ad, for example some people click on the ad, 20 days later it will be converted),
View-through conversion window (choose the maximum amount of time that allows Google to recognize viewers' interactions with the ad),
Include in "Conversions" (choose whether to name the conversions in conversion column in report or not),
Attribution model (choose the attribution type for Search and Shopping Network conversions for your ads).

Click Create and continue.

Choose Tag setup: Install the tag yourself.

Choose Global site tag: The global site tag isn't installed on all your HTML pages

Choose Event snippet: Page load.

As you can see from the above image, the conversion tracking code and conversion tracking label will appear in the "Event snippet" section, after "send_to". Please copy it for the steps behind. The example in the above case is:

Conversion ID: AW-457160449

Conversion Label: M95LCO_02fwBEIHu_tkB

Click Next >> Done to complete.

B. Create conversion ID on ShopBase store.

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Online Store >> Preferences and find Google Ads conversion tracking category.

Add the Conversion ID and Conversion Label you have created from section A to the relevant boxes. Click Add other Conversion ID.

Click Save. Future conversion tracking results will be updated in the Google Adwords dashboard.

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