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When you use Google Ads, you may want to see detailed analytics about your ads and see whether clicks on ads led a customer to take a certain action, such as purchase on your website. ShopBase has specific feature that allows to track your purchases by adding Conversion ID and Label.

This setting will work best for your Purchases Tracking.

In this article:

A. Create Conversion ID and Label from Google Ads account.

B. Activate the Conversion on ShopBase store

A. Get Conversion ID and Label from your Google Ads account.

It is required that you have a Google AdWords account for this tracking option, click here to create an account if you have not had any.

Below is a step-by-step guide to create a Purchase conversion and get the ID/Label to track on ShopBase store:

Go to Google Ads dashboard > Tool and Settings > Measurement > Conversions

Add new Conversion:

Choose the kind of conversion as Website:

Finish all settings for the conversion.

Please note that some options need to be choose exactly as below list so it can be used for tracking with ShopBase:

Category: Purchase

Value: Use different values for each conversion

Tag setup: Install the tag yourself

Global site tag: The global site tag isn't installed on all your HTML pages

Event snippet: Page load

Copy Conversion ID and Label

As you can see from the image above, the Conversion ID and Label can be found on Event snippet area, after the "send_to". Please copy it for later steps.

Conversion ID: AW-730978122

Conversion Label: I9S1CIKri6MBEMqux9wC

Finish the step by clicking Next >> Done.

B. Activate the Conversion on ShopBase store

Please go to ShopBase store admin >> Online Store >> Preferences >> Google Ads conversion tracking >> Add the Conversion ID and Label you get from step A.

Save the Settings and all is done. Future tracking results will be updated within on Adwords dashboard.
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