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Manually creating a collection means creating a collection and selecting each item to be included in the collection manually. This gives you extensive control over which items are included in the collection. However, if the collection has too many items, manual handling takes a lot of time. You can also refer to articles on how to create automatic collections. In this article, we will show you how to create manual collections.

Step by step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin dashboard, go to Products >> Collections

Click Create collection

You will be directed to Create collection page

In which:

Title: name of the collection
Description: collection description
Collection type: select Manual to manually pick the collections
Collection visibility: tick Show on Collection List page if you want to display this collection in colelction list
Collection image: choose a profile picture for the collection in this section. Drag the photo you want to represent the collection from your device and drop it into the Drop an image to upload box
Add collection to navigation: clcik the menu you want to display the collection in. Choose Select menu to pick the munu from the drop-down list. Click Edit navigation to move on to menu edit page
Search engine listing preview: edit collections displayed on search bar by clicking on Edit website SEO. Edit the collection title displayed on search engines in the Page title field (up to 70 characters), edit the collection description displayed on search engines in the Meta description field (up to 320 characters), edit the link of the collection in the URL and handle field


After creating a collection, you can't change its type from manual to automatic one

Click Save to create a new collection

Then the system directs you to a page to edit the information of the collection you just created. Scroll down to Products. Then, search for the product you want to add to your collection in the Search for products field. Immediately a dialog box appears, tick the products you want to include in the collection and press Save

You can sort the display order of the products in the collection by clicking Product title A-Z, a list of choices in the order in which the items in the collection will appear for you to choose: product title A-Z, product title Z-A, highest price, lowest price, newest, oldest, manual

Click Save

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