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Overview of Settings

From the Settings page, you can easily manage almost all aspects of your store, including store details, payment providers, checkout process, account management, shipping information, notifications, legal pages, billing information, sales channel, and taxes. In this section, we walk through all settings available in your ShopBase admin.

In this section


In this section, you can view and update your store details.

Currency formatting

Payment providers

In this section, you can enable and manage your store's payment providers.

Overview of Payment
How to place a test order (draft order)
Test mode for PrintBase store


In this section, you can customize your online checkout process.

Overview of Checkout
Overview of how to recover and manage Abandoned Checkout


In this section, you can manage staff accounts and permissions, along with your billing cycle, subscription plan and store status.

Staff accounts and permissions
Sign up or log in to ShopBase
Change email & password to login into ShopBase dashboard
Set up & Update ShopBase Profile
Update billing information & payment methods
Secure ShopBase account
Understand ShopBase fee & charge
How to change ShopBase pricing plan
How to apply promotion code to your plan
How to close your store on ShopBase


In this section, you can manage how you ship orders to customers.

Set manual shipping rates for ShopBase stores


In this section, you can manage notifications sent to you and your customers.

How to add custom options in emails?

In this section, you can manage your store's legal pages.

Set up policy pages


In this section, you can manage your billing information and view your invoices.

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Sales channel

In this section, you can manage the channels you use to sell your products and services.

Overview of Sales channels


In this section, you can manage how your store charge taxes.

Set up taxes on ShopBase

Updated on: 15/08/2022

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