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Profile settings allow you to update or make changes to your personal information (such as email and password) and make necessary changes to make sure that your store is up and running well. In this part, we will guide you on how to set up and update your shopBase profile in a few easy steps!

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A. Select default language
B. Complete profile

A. Select default language

ShopBase currently offers two languages on dashboard admin for merchants to choose: English and Chinese.

From Shopbase admin, click on your name in the left bottom of the screen

Choose Select Language. Click on your suitable language to change the default language.

B. Complete profile

The store owner is the person whose email and contact information were originally used to sign up for ShopBase accounts. Follow this guide to make any change about your profile information

On your store's dashboard admin, click on Your Name in the left bottom of the screen >> select Profile

To open the profile setting of your account and start updating.
Update your ShopBase profile (name, email, password, option to get important notification) >> click Save
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