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You can set specific policy pages for your store on ShopBase, including:

Refund policy
Privacy policy
Terms of service
Shipping policy

By default, these pages will show up at the footer of your checkout page. You can also add them to your menu bar on the storefront.

Although ShopBase offers a template for each policy, you're responsible for the content and compliance of your published policies. Check and review your policies carefully before publishing.

Policy templates are only available in English. If your store is using another language, you need to write your store policies. Consider contacting a local law expert for assistance.

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A. Create a policy
B. Add custom pages to display legal information

A. Create a policy

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Settings > Legal.

Fill in your policy in the right box, or select Create from template to generate a template and modify the content.

Review your policies, then click Save to finish.

Any box with content will automatically generate a legal page accordingly, and the page is shown in the footer of your checkout pages.
Your customers might need to read these pages before checking out, so you should consider linking them in your store navigation.

B. Add custom pages to display legal information

You can also create custom pages in ShopBase admin. These pages are helpful when you publish information that is often referred to or rarely changes ("About us" or "Contact Us" pages, for example). You can add pages to your store, then link these pages in your store navigation.
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