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As a store owner, you can close your ShopBase store completely if you can't afford or don't want to run the business anymore. We'll support online merchants to close their ShopBase stores hassle-free!

On this page:
A. Before you close your store
B. How to close the store

A. Before you close your store

There're few things you need to finish before closing your ShopBase store:

Domain: Your store's primary domain (or URL) won't be available to register, and you can't access your ShopBase admin after you close it. This action can be reversed within the next 30 days.
In addition, you need to contact any third-party service providers for your store to prevent any errors caused by this process. Your custom domain should be removed from the store in the admin. If you don't remove the domain from your ShopBase store before closing it, you might not be able to use this domain for another website or store.
Charges: You are also required to pay any outstanding charges before closing your store. If there is no outstanding charges against your account, you won't receive any bill after the closure. For more information about your bill, see View your bill.
App subscription: For the apps, you also need to cancel your apps' subscriptions individually to prevent being charged the app fees.

If you are still on your free trial period and have yet to choose a pricing plan, you don't need to take any action to cancel your account.

B. How to close the store

Login to your owner account
On your admin dashboard, go to Settings > Account
In the Store Status section, choose Close store
Enter your current password, then click Confirm
On the next page, you may send us a feedback or simply contact us to see if there is anything ShopBase team could do to assist. After that, click Close store.

Note: If you haven't paid all outstanding charges, there will be short notice to warn you about it. You are unable to close the store until all charges are settled. You can check if your store is closed successfully by going to your store's URL and seeing it no longer appears.
Within the next 30 days after closing your store, you can re-open it at any time. All data and settings of your store will be maintained during this period. After the 30th day, ShopBase team can't guarantee you that any information will be preserved correctly.

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