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A complete and easy-to-follow guide to help you create a print on demand website with PrintBase and seamlessly optimize your store to make your first sale as soon as possible.

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Create a PrintBase store
Launch campaigns
Customize themes
Add Payout information
Connect domain
Install tracking
Create a product feed

1. Create a PrintBase store

You can start with creating your first PrintBase store by visiting this link.

Enter the name of your store, click Start free trial and a new store will be created for you.

2. Launch campaigns

To learn more about launching new campaigns with PrintBase, please refer to this article: How to create new products with PrintBase?

3. Customize themes

The default theme for your Print-on-demand store is Roller theme. You can learn more about customizing theme here.

4. Add Payout information

To receive payouts, you must link your verified Payoneer account to your PrintBase account.

You can add this information by going to tab Balance > Payout and click Edit.

You can learn more about Payout with PrintBase here.

5. Connect domain

If you have your own domain and want to connect it to your PrintBase store, please go to Online store > Domains > Connect a domain and enter the desired domain.

Learn more about adding your existing domain here.

6. Install tracking

Please refer to these documents to track and optimize all your Facebook or Google Ads campaigns.
Track Google Ads Conversions with ShopBase
Set up Facebook Pixel

7. Create a product feed

ShopBase has built-in Product feed feature that can help you create the product feeds then you can use the feed on other shopping channels like Facebook & Google Ads.

Please follow the instruction in this article: Understand product feeds.
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