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Set up free shipping for PrintBase orders

Free shipping is a great way to encourage customers to spend more. On PrintBase, you can set up free shipping rate when an order reaches a certain amount, as well as the maximum free shipping discount amount for each order of specific shipping zones in your store. In this article, we will show you how to do so in just a few simple steps.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your PrintBase admin, go to Settings > Shipping.

In the Shipping page, you will see a list of pre-configured shipping zones by PrintBase. Navigate to the shipping zone that you want to set up free shipping rate for and tick Free shipping rate.

In Apply free shipping rate when total order value is greater than or equal to, enter the minimum order amount in the text box. The free shipping will be available for your customer if the minimum amount that you entered here is spent at checkout.

In order to prevent profit loss, the required minimum order amount must be equal to or greater than $70.
You can also set up the maximum free shipping discount amount that your customers can earn by ticking Apply maximum discount value per order and enter the maximum discount amount in the text box.

For example, if you have free shipping set up for purchases above $70 with a $15 maximum free shipping discount, when a customer checks out an order with $100 value and selects the $16 Fast shipping option, they will receive a $15 shipping fee discount but will still be required to pay $1 for shipping.

Once finished, click Save changes.

Apart from free shipping, you can also configure the shipping fee for each product that you sell on PrintBase. Please refer to this article for more information.

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Updated on: 21/11/2022

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