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Apply special effects on text layers for ShopBase’s personalized products

You can now create text layers with special effects such as stroke and curve directly on the ShopBase's preview image and print file editor. These layers will be available for live preview on the store's product page and print file. With this update, you can create more diverse and unique designs for your personalized products, which can help attract more customers and increase store's revenue.

Step by Step Tutorials

From your ShopBase admin, go to Products > All products and click on the product you want to edit.

From the product detail page, go to Personalization and click Create Preview image or Create print file.

On the editor page, proceed to create your preview image or print file for your product. To create a text layer, click on Add text and edit Text, Font, Size, Color, Letter case, Location, Rotation, Opacity according to your preference.

Navigate to Effects. You will find 2 special effect configurations: Stroke and Curve.

To add a stroke effect to your text layer, click on the + button in the Stroke section.

Then, adjust the size, color, and opacity to your preference.

To add a curve effect to your text layer, click on the + button in the Curve section.

Then, use the slider to adjust the curve of your arc.

To delete an effect, click on the trash can button.

Proceed to create the rest of your personalized product and publish it to your store.

When the personalization preview mode is enabled on your store, customers can preview the product with the added special effects in your design as follows:

Stroke effect
Curve effect
At the moment, this feature is not available for text layers that are uploaded from a .PSD file.

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Updated on: 26/08/2022

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