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How to create custom email address with your own domain name

Today, the use of email with your own domain name in E-commerce is increasingly common and highly effective. For businesses, a custom email address with your own domain name helps affirm the brand advantage and exclusivity in products and services. At the same time, it also increases professionalism, prestige and identity for customers.

The article guides you how to create an email with the domain name purchased from ShopBase and the domain name purchased from the third party.

In this article

A. Domain purchased from ShopBase
B. Domain purchased from the third party

A. Domain purchased from ShopBase

From Admin dashboard, click Online store > Domains > ShopBase-managed domains > Manage.

Click Manage Email.

Click Add user.

Enter the required information, including:

Name: The display name for the email.
Desired email address: Your desired email address.
Alternative email address: Your alternative email to receive important information about the email being created.
Country of users: Your country.
Language of users: Your preferred language.

Then, click Add user to complete the email creation step, the system will pop up a window providing the link (URL), email address and password.

Go to the link (URL), enter Username (email address) and Password (password) to log in and use your email.

In case you forgot your email login password, in the domain management page, navigate to Mail > Manage Users/Accounts.

Select email address, click Reset Password.

The system notifies the successful password change and provides a new login password.

B. Domain purchased from the third party

Please contact your domain provider for more assistance.

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Updated on: 10/08/2023

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