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Set up email alias for ShopBase-managed domains

An email alias is an additional email address that you can use for a special purpose. Emails sent to this address go to your preferred mailbox. For instance, you can have different email addresses for private contacts, work related contacts, newsletter sign-ups, online registrations, and more. All of emails sent to these different email addresses are forwarded to one or more specified accounts.

There is no need to buy or configure email aliases elsewhere, we now provide email forwarding service when you buy a domain from ShopBase. Please follow these instructions to set up email aliases when purchasing a custom domain from ShopBase.

Step by Step Tutorial

Before setting up an email alias, please follow this instruction to buy a domain via ShopBase.

Once you have successfully purchased a domain from ShopBase, you will be directed to your domain detail page. You will see the Email Forwarding section just below your Registrar information.

You can also go to Online store > Domains > ShopBase-managed domains from your ShopBase admin site, and click on the domain you want to set up Email Forwarding.

Enter the email alias you want to create and the existing recipient email you want to forward to.

The email alias suffix needs to be the same as your domain. (Please see the example in the photo below)
The existing recipient email is your private mailbox and must not be same as the email alias.

After entering the first email alias and existing recipient email, click Save to activate the Email Forwarding service. Please be aware the first email alias might take a few minutes to activate.

You can continue to add more aliases by clicking Add another email alias. You can add up to 25 email forwarding pairs, with up to 5 email aliases forwarded to 5 recipient emails each.

You cannot edit your saved email aliases and recipient emails. However, you can always delete those you do not want and add more later.

If you connect a ShopBase-managed domain to a PrintBase/PlusBase store, a default email alias in the format of support@yourcustomdomain will be automatically created and forwarded to our support mailbox at as we handle your customer support. There will be a notice about this Email Forwarding service when buying a domain from ShopBase and connecting it to a PrintBase store as in the photos below:

Notice when buying a domain from ShopBase if you connect to a PrintBase store

Notice when connecting a ShopBase-managed domain to a PrintBase store
If a ShopBase-managed domain is set as the Primary domain in a PrintBase store, the automatically created email alias will be displayed in the Contact us section of your store's footer.
Once a domain is connected to PrintBase or PlusBase, the Manage button shown in the domain page and the Manage DNS button in the domain detail page that redirect to Reseller Club will be disabled as we handle all settings for domains and email alias for your store.

Notice - The 'Manage' button shown in the domain page in PrintBase/PlusBase is disabled
Notice - The 'Manage DNS' button shown in the domain detail page in PrintBase/PlusBase is disabled

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Updated on: 13/04/2023

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