Show Trust badges on both Product and Checkout pages to build customer trust. It is available for both Bassy and Roller themes.

On this article:

A. Show Trust badges on product pages

B. Show Trust badges on the checkout page

A. Show trust badges on product pages

For your existing theme:
Choose Online Store >> Themes >> Customize
Click Product Page >> Product page setting >> Show Trust badge image
Use the default image or update load your own image there.

For new publishing themes, this setting will be auto-activated.

B. Show Trust badges on the checkout page

Since Checkout page allows to change your logo, you can take advantage of it and add some trust badges on your logo area.

First, download this sample or find your own sample online
Photoshop it by adding your store logo on the left area (optional)
Upload it on Logo area on Checkout page setting. Go to Online Store > Theme > Customize > Settings > Checkout

That's all and you are good to go.
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