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When the Buyers receive the warning Opps! This store is not ready to checkout. Please contact Store owner to set up the primary store domain as a public domain. on the checkout page, as shown in the image below, it means that the Seller's store is currently using the domain and is not being directed to a custom primary domain. In this article, we will explain both Buyers and Sellers how to manage situations where an order cannot be made due to this issue.

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A. Instructions for Buyers
B. Instructions for Sellers

A. Instructions for Buyers

Contact the store owner by email, phone number, or social profiles (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) provided by the store owner (typically found in the website's footer or on the store's Contact us page).
Explain your situation and ask the store owner to set up a custom primary domain for their store.

B. Instructions for Sellers

This issue occurs because the domain is used as your store's primary domain. Therefore, we suggest you perform the following actions:

Buy a custom domain from ShopBase or a third-party domain provider (such as Cloudflare or GoDaddy).
Add this domain to your store and set it as your primary domain (domain that your visitors will see when they go to your website) by following the instructions in this article.

You can only connect a ShopBase-managed domain into a PrintBase or PlusBase store. For more information, please refer to: Add a custom domain to ShopBase store.

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