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Add a ShopBase-managed domain to PlusBase store

A domain is the URL, or the website address, where your Buyers go to find your store online. By default, your online store has a URL when you sign up for ShopBase. If you want to change the domain that the Buyers use to visit your store, you can add a custom domain. Furthermore, before you begin selling, you must add at least one custom domain to your store in order to increase store credibility and allow the Buyers to complete payments for their orders.

On PlusBase, you can only buy and connect a ShopBase-managed domain to your PlusBase store to simplify the domain setup process, ensure service quality and stable operation. This can help avoid unnecessary risks associated with non-ShopBase-managed domains with bad business histories that can affect the PlusBase's payment gateway, and allow Buyers to receive full order information in case the store is shut down.

In this article, we will show you how to add a ShopBase-managed domain to a PlusBase store.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your PlusBase admin, go to Online store > Domains.

If you have not purchased a domain, click Buy new domain and follow the instructions in this article to buy a new domain from ShopBase.

If you already have a qualified ShopBase-managed domain, click on Connect Existing domain to start connecting it to your PlusBase store.

Enter the domain you want to connect and click Next.

Click Verify connection button.

If the values are not matched, a warning will be displayed as shown below. You must correct the settings to exactly what is required before verifying again by clicking Verify again.

A ShopBase-managed domain can be removed from a ShopBase store and re-connected to another PlusBase store only if the ShopBase store has not received any order.
A ShopBase-managed domain that was previously connected to a PrintBase/PlusBase store can still be removed and re-connected to another PlusBase store.
Any third-party domain connected to PlusBase stores prior to June 06, 2022 at 03:30 AM UTC+0 will remain unchanged. However, if it is removed from your PlusBase store, it can no longer be re-connected.
External domains purchased from third-party sources cannot be connected to a PlusBase store
Settings of domains connected to PlusBase stores will be reset in accordance with the system settings.
Values can take up to 72 hours to update.
In case an error occurs while connecting, you can take a screenshot of your domain dashboard and send it to our Live Chat support for further assistance.
You can connect a maximum of 10 ShopBase-managed domains to a PlusBase store.
After you have successfully added your domain, you can set this domain as your primary domain (domain that your visitors will see when they go to your website) by selecting Change primary domain and clicking Save on the dialog.

Overview of Domain
Buy a domain from ShopBase
Renew your ShopBase-managed domain

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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