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After receiving orders from the customer, the next step is to process these orders. It requires contacting the supplier (or self-manufacturer) to package the product and send it to the address where the customer is registered. In addition to manual order processing, ShopBase provides you with many other tools such as fulfulling orders with a CSV file, handling print orders (POD) via PrintHub, handle dropshipping orders with the Ali Dropship Connector or CrossPanda app to save you time processing multiple orders at once. This section will introduce you to different order processing methods and give you practical guidance on how to process your store orders.

In this section

Understand the processing of orders
Fulfill order manually
Fulfill orders by CSV files
Insert product image in CSV file for fulfillment
Manage orders of multiple stores at the same time
Fulfill order via PrintHub
Fulfill order via Ali Dropship Connector
Fulfill order via CrossPanda
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