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Ali Dropship Connector app will automatically update the bill of lading code and move the order to the Fulfilled tab after the manufacturer has received your payment and packaged the shipment. In case you fullfill order manually or in other ways not through Ali Dropship Connector app and want to change order status to Fulfilled, please refer to the instructions from this post.

Step by Step Tutorial

From ShopBase admin site, go to Apps >> Ali Dropship Connector. Click Manage Orders, you will be directed to order list page.

Click on any order that you have processed by the methods other than Ali Dropship Connector and want to change the order status to processed, press Mark as fulfilled.

After clicking on Mark as fulfilled, the order status will be changed to Fulfilled (and sent to Fulfilled tab).


Switching orders to Fulfilled status will sort orders into tabs for easy management. If you do not use the Ali Dropship Connector app to connect with Aliexpress suppliers and process your order, you must contact another supplier or make your own product and packaging to send to the customer before switching to Fulfilled status.

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