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Export your orders in CSV format

CSV files allow you to export order information, customize order with images, product variants, product SKU... and fulfill order manually. In this article, we will guide you on how to export your orders into .CSV files to get detailed information about your orders as well as transaction and dispute histories.

Step by Step Tutorial

From your ShopBase admin site, go to Orders > All orders.

Select Export order (if you want to export orders on the current page, orders within a specific date range, selected orders, orders of current search, or all orders).

In case you want to export specific orders, check those orders and press Export order.

You can search for orders you want to export from in the search bar, using order name, price, transaction ID, line item name, customer name, customer email, variant SKU, and customer address, and press Export order.

You can also filter out orders using different conditions, and press Export order.

In the new window, set up and customize the suggested orders, then click Export to file. In which:

Store: Select the store you want to export orders.

Exports (Current page, Orders by date, All orders, Selected ... orders, and Current search): Choose the orders for which you want to export data. By clicking Add product filter and selecting the product collection(s) and/or tag(s) you want to export, you can filter out orders containing the products you selected.

You can filter out orders containing the products in specific collections or with certain tags
Export as: Select file type to export order information.

Export template: Select file template to export order information.

To export your order information, click Orders.

To export transaction histories of your orders, click Transaction histories.

The exported file will include information about dispute of orders (Dispute date, dispute reason, due date, status) so that you can easily manage your orders, submit your chargeback response on time, and avoid loss dispute.

If you want to customize information in your order export file, click Customize export fields. Choose the information you want to export from Available fields. You can also click Save to template button so that the selected fields will be saved to be a template for a later use.

For example, if you want to export orders with customized products, choose Lineitem Properties field.
To export orders with data about product collection and/or product tag, choose Product collection and/or Product tag fields.

If you select the Lineitem Image field when customizing export fields, the image links are only available for variants that an image has already been set up for. Please refer to this article on how to check and set up variant images for your product.
Press Export to file and the system will automatically download the file containing the order information exported to your device.

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Updated on: 15/08/2022

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