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When orders have been placed in your store, all of that order’s data and information are stored on ShopBase system. The information includes customer name, customer phone, customer email, payment status (paid/unpaid/pending/refund), order status (fulfilled/unfulfilled/processing) and order date, fulfillment date, ect. You can view, manage and update information for orders with no hassle by following these instructions below.

Step by step Tutorial

From your ShopBase Store admin, go to Orders >> All Orders. On the right bar, a list of orders in your store will be displayed. This list will display Customer name, Date, Payment status, Fulfillment status, Total in accordance with the order. Having a look at this will enable you to understand general information of orders.

Here you can find order ID, Customer name, Payment status, Fulfillment status… by entering the information on Search order bar.

ShopBase also provides filters to help you search for orders, for instance Fulfillment Status, Fulfillment Services and others in More filter like:

Payment Status
Product type
Product Vendor
Lineitem Products
Lineitem SKU
Order Date
Fulfillment Date
Custom option
Order country
Chargeback and Inquiry status
Order risk

Click on the order you want to view in detail. The next page contains the detail information of the order.

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