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The checkout process is the process that the customers will have to go through when completing buying their items added in the cart. This process will occur on the storefront. You can change how the checkout flow will be like by configuring different features following our instruction.

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A. Overview of checkout process
B. Customize checkout process

A. Overview of checkout process
The checkout process is the process that all customers must go through if they want to complete purchasing the items in the cart. This process begins when a customer clicks Checkout button in the Shopping Cart or the Buy Now button. If you do not allow anonymous shopping, a visitor who is not yet logged in will be taken to the login page.

1. Customer information
Fill your email and Shipping Address. If this user is a returning customer the shipping address will appear with the information that was last specified by the previous purchase.
Clicking Continue takes the user to the next step of choosing a shipping method.

2. Shipping method
Choose one method on the list that fits customer budget the most.
Clicking Continue takes the user to the next step of adding payment method

3. Payment method
If the user chooses to pay with a credit card, the following fields must be completed:
Card number (the system automatically validated the card number)
The Cardholder name
The Expiration date
The Security code
The Billing address can be edited in this step if it is different from Shipping address.

4. Coupon/discount code
On the right side of Checkout Page, your customers can add the given discount code and press Apply then an overview of payment would be presented.
Customers must confirm the order by clicking Complete Order.
Once the order is completed, the Thank you page will be displayed to your customer, and a confirmation email will be sent to them.

B. Customize checkout process

Checkout process optimization should be a priority to convince your customers complete their cart and increase your store's revenue. Here's are some best resources we've compiled to give you actionable tactics to improve the checkout process:

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