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Optimize checkout page for better conversion rate

The checkout page is where customers pay for all of the items in their shopping cart. Those who reach the checkout page after a series of actions are usually highly prospective customers. Even though they are only one step away from completing their purchase, many customers abandon the page at this point. Optimizing your checkout page will increase the number of customers who complete the purchase process, thereby increasing conversion rates and store profits. This article will show you how to optimize your checkout page for a higher conversion rate.

In this article

A. Setup login for customers
B. Add countdown clock and trust indicators
C. Add exit-intent pop-up via SiteKit app
D. Show checkout notification using Boost Convert app
E. Use Boot Upsell to add bundle widget

A. Setup login for customers

From your ShopBase admin, go to Online Store > Themes. Select the theme you want to edit and choose Customize.

Select Checkout page from the dropdown menu.

Select Account & forms section.

In Customer account, select between:

Accounts are disabled: Customers will only be able to check out as guests.
Accounts are optional: Customers will be able to checkout if they have a customer account or as a guest.

Click Save once finished.

You can choose Accounts are optional if you want to remind customers to log in or sign up for accounts when they are making payment and convert them to loyal customers.

This set up is only available for ShopBase stores.

B. Add countdown clock and trust indicators

Kindly visit this article for a step by step tutorial on how to add countdown and trust indicators to your checkout page.

C. Add exit-intent pop-up using SiteKit app

Please refer to this article for a detailed instruction on how to create an exit-intent pop-up using SiteKit app.

D. Show checkout notification using Boost Convert app

From ShopBase admin site, check Apps > Boost Convert > Social Proof > Pop types.

Select Checkout page from the dropdown menu.

Click Settings in Checkout notifications section to activate and customize the content.

Please visit this article for more details on Social proof feature by Boost Convert.

E. Add bundle offers using Boost Upsell

Please refer to this article on how to create a bundle offer with Boost Upsell app.

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Updated on: 26/10/2022

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