ShopBase is always striving to bring out the best features to give online merchants a brand new eCommerce ecosystem that can help them to improve their business and increase online sales.
Let's learn about ShopBase's key features below.

1. ShopBase templates

Pick the website template you love & quickly start your online business with ShopBase without splurge your time in designing storefront.

ShopBase templates.

2. ShopBase apps

With ShopBase Free Apps system, you can optimize your online store with ease and increase the conversion rate to the maximum.

Powerful eCommerce Apps

3. ShopBase centralized analytics

Using the built-in analytic tools on ShopBase along with other tracking and analytics tools to gather more information about your orders and customer behaviors on the store is highly recommended. Here are our instructions to make the best of analytics feature.

Tracking & Analytics

4. ShopBase payment

On ShopBase, you can choose what payment gateway suits your business the most and follow our detailed instructions below to add to your online shop.

ShopBase payment gateways

5. ShopBase fulfillment (CrossPanda, AliExpress, Private suppliers)

ShopBase brings out the most reliable Dropshipping and Print-on-Demand suppliers for online merchants who looking for high-quality product sourcing solutions for their business.

Fulfill via Aliexpress by Ali Dropship Connector app
Fulfill via Private suppliers via CSV file
Fulfill via PrintHub for POD orders
Fulfill via CrossPanda
Fulfill via ERP system integration (coming soon)

6. ShopBase community & support

ShopBase Community is an open space where eCommerce enthusiasts can join and have a discussion about everything to the eCommerce industry and stay updated with ShopBase latest feature and products.

ShopBase Communities

7. ShopBase resources (blog, guide..)

Get the best eCommerce tips, tricks and news from ShopBase in this website.

ShopBase Blog

8. Integration with third-party advertising platforms

Learn how to drive traffic & sales to your ShopBase store using other social media channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc here:

Free traffic channels
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