In order to mass fulfill your orders using CSV files, first, you will need to install the DropShip Connector App. If your business is not dropshipping, you can only use this app for mass fulfilling.

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A. Export your orders in CSV format

B. Fulfill orders by CSV files (with Tracking numbers included)

A. Export your orders in CSV format

First, you'd need to export your order to get information for the CSV import file for DropShip Connector App.


From your ShopBase admin, go to Orders > All orders.
Select orders that you want to fulfill (by filtering or in the next step)
Select Export.

In the new window, set up your orders to export, or the CSV file format. Click Export to file when you finish.

Then you'll be able to download your order CSV file.

B. Fulfill orders by CSV files (with Tracking numbers included)

Open DropShip Connector App.
Go to Manager Order >> Fulfil by CSV.

Download the sample CSV template to import to the app. Fill in required information about your orders with tracking numbers and carriers.

Click No file selected button to upload this CSV file.

Click Upload file and Import button

Once successfully, you will see this message.

Make sure you've filled in correct values for your carriers

The following values will be regarded as carriers on PayPal:
China Post
China EMS (ePacket)
DPD Local
FedEx UK
FedEx International MailService
DHL Express
DHL eCommerce Asia
DHL eCommerce US

Note: If your tracking numbers went to Other on PayPal by mistake, you can update the Carrier to the correct format, then re-fulfill orders (and select Overriding option here).

You can configure to send tracking numbers PayPal automatically as instructed here.
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