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Optimize Boost Upsell to increase AOV, AOI effectively on ShopBase

Upselling and Cross-selling are 2 popular selling techniques to help businesses increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction. In this article, ShopBase will give you an overview and suggestions on how to quickly and easily set up Upsell/Cross-sell offers to increase the average order value/items of your orders.

In this article

A. Theory of how to increase average order value/item (AOV, AOI)
B. Tips to set up Boost Upsell to avoid negatively impacting your conversion rate
C. Optimize Boost Upsell to increase AOV, AOI

A. Theory of how to increase average order value/item (AOV, AOI)

Store owners will provide Upsell and Cross-sell offers to increase the Average order value (AOV) and Average order item (AOI). In sales, upselling and cross-selling play the following roles:

Increase profits.
Cultivate customer loyalty.
Improve customer satisfaction.

Upselling and Cross-selling are 2 sales techniques with the same goal of optimizing the profit of your business, but their implementation methods differ:

Upselling is a sales technique in which customers are encouraged to purchase a higher-quality product or service at a higher price. It works similarly to an upgrade to an existing order.
Cross-selling is a technique used to get customers to spend more by suggesting related products that they are intending to buy. Suggested products should be complementary or similar to the existing products in the customer's cart, or they should help to improve the customer experience.

Increasing AOV and AOI will have a direct impact on your revenue and profit while also providing the store owner with key insights into customer shopping behaviors and habits.

Get a sense of shopping demand for the main product through surveys.
Examine competitors to optimize incentives and promote sales.
Analyze old advertising campaigns to leverage any existing data of ad performance. From then, create more optimized promotions for your customers.

B. Tips to set up Boost Upsell to avoid negatively impacting your conversion rate

1. Avoid displaying too many Boost Upsell offers on your product page

Avoid using too many bundles, quantity discount offers, etc, at the same time, as this can lengthen the product page while pushing important content to the bottom, making it difficult for customers to purchase your products.
Use as few product widgets as possible on the product page to avoid distracting customers from the main product they are viewing.

2. Avoid high-priced upsell/cross-sell offers

It is recommended to suggest products with a price that is no more than 25% higher than the target product/initial order, thereby providing appropriate suggested products in terms of price.

3. Set up Pre-purchase offers to suggest more products after adding items into the cart

You should carefully select upsell products that are truly relevant to the target product that the customer is buying in the pre-purchase popup that appears after the customer adds items to their cart, so that these products create a combo that the customer will want to buy together.

C. Optimize Boost Upsell to increase AOV, AOI

When your store's conversion rate for the target product is stable, it's time to start optimizing upselling and cross-selling to boost AOV and AOI.

1. Display Upsell offers when and after customers add products into their carts to offer more premium products

On the product page, after the customer clicks on the Add to Cart button, you should set up Pre-purchase offers to suggest complementary upsell products.

Or if redirection to mini cart or cart page after clicking on the Add to Cart button is set up on your store, you can set up In-cart offers.

2. Use Cross-sell offers to suggest additional products

Take advantage of Bundle offers.

Use Accessories to offer items that are complementary to the main product.

3. Use appealing offers with suggested products to increase the likelihood of adding products and making purchases.

To stimulate the customer's desire to add products to the cart, which helps increase the value of the order and the number of products in the order, you can apply the condition:

X% discount on the total order value greater than $XX.
Or, free shipping for orders of $XX or more.
Buy X get Y: Discounts aren't always enough to keep your customers happy. It is definitely more enticing when you offer something free for your customers.

At the same time, install upsell incentives at the corresponding touch points as suggested in section 1 and 2 to encourage customers to buy more products.

In addition, you should set up Cart goal to suggest and encourage customers to add more products in order to qualify for promotions.

Read more: Discounts.
4. Provide upsell offers after customers complete the orders

Using a Post-purchase offer is one way to help increase AOV and AOI for your store. With this feature, customers can quickly add more products to their cart with a few simple clicks without having to enter all payment information again.

By encouraging existing customers to buy more products that will cost less with Boost Upsell app features rather than finding new customers, your store will be able to increase profits and enhance the likelihood of old customers returning.

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Updated on: 07/07/2023

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